Paranoid Mail

Paranoid Mail

secure messaging system

Key features:

  • Strongest end-to-end encryption: 1024bit keys;
  • Open source, no backdoors;
  • No security holes like "Password-recovery" function;
  • Anonymous, no links to your real name, phone, email etc;
  • All your sensitive data - keys, accounts, contacts, messages - stays on your computer in strongly encrypted form;
  • Portable, easy to use from removable media;
  • No size limits for attached files;
  • No Ads;
  • No spam

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Recent releases:

16/02/2017Paranoid Mail (basic client) 1.1.6256.30272
Renamed product to "Paranoid Mail (basic client)"; Added group mail/reply all feature; Changed ID representations from decimal to Hex.
28/10/2016Paranoid Mail (basic client) 1.0.6145.24038
Important fix of initial set-up in portable mode
27/10/2016Paranoid Mail (basic client) 1.0.6144.19837
Fixed sending files already opened by another process
26/10/2016Paranoid Mail (basic client) 1.0.6143.21534
UI fixes
30/09/2016Paranoid Mail (basic client) 1.0.6117.27158
Fixed collisions. Added portable option (encrypted keys data saved to database instead of separate .key file)